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What is Emsella?

Sit and experience the breakthrough treatment for incontinence. It is a comfortable option for men and women of any age who desire a non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence. Due to factors such as the body’s normal aging, childbirth, menopause or obesity, the pelvic floor muscles weaken and insufficiently support the pelvic organs. The factors directly correlate with urinary incontinence.

The goal of Emsella treatments is to help men and women reclaim their body and restore quality of life. Over 200 million people worldwide areaffected by incontinence.

  • Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or engage in sports activities?
  • Do you need to go to the bathroom often?
  • Have you refrained from intimate life in the last months out of fear of embarrassment of leaking?

If you answered “yes”, you are probably suffering from urinary incontinence. Emsella is the first device of its kind, and is FDA cleared to treat both men and women for urinary incontinence. One Emsella session is the equivalent of 12,000 Kegels.


How does Emsella Work?

Emsella utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate deep pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control. A single Emsella session brings thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education of incontinent patients. All this is done without any effort on your part and without getting undressed. Scientific research shows that 95% of treated patients have reported significant improvement in the quality of life.


Men and women of any age who are afflicted with levels 0 and 1 stress urinary incontinence are the best candidates. However, the treatment of improving pelvic muscle tone should theoretically help many others in reducing the amount of leaking. This would include many males who have had prostate cancer.

The recommended number of treatments is 6. The treatment is 28 minutes per session on the machine, with sessions separated by at least 2 days, depending on your needs. Completing a full treatment series is necessary to maximize treatment efficacy. You may need additional treatments depending on the severity of your condition. Prior to the first treatment, you will take an incontinence survey to determine the severity of your condition. Three months after all the treatments, you will be asked to take the survey again to measure the improvement.

There is typically no pain associated with the treatment and there is no anesthetic required. You will experience gradually increasing tingling and muscle contractions. It will feel more intense as the muscles warm up. The vibrating alternates between fast contractions and deep throbbing, much like a handheld massager. The sensations in the pelvic area are normal and expected, and cause no pain. The intensity level at 100% works best, but it can be lowered if there is discomfort. However, most patients are able to comfortably treated at 100% intensity. You remain fully clothed during the treatment, and may resume normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Most patients see improvement after six sessions, scheduled twice a week. You may observe improvement after a few sessions depending on the severity of your condition. This treatment works best on grades 0-1 level of urinary incontinence. Some patients get worse for a short time before they see improvement. Some patients may need more treatments depending on the severity of their condition. The results vary from person to person, and an exact result cannot be predicted.