Obstetrics & Gynecology in Augusta, GA

Urinary Incontinence concerns?

The loss of bladder control is a very common problem.  It tends to worsen after child birth or as we get older.  The severity can range from occasional loss of urine during activity (such as coughing or running) to incontinence while at rest.  Other bladder symptoms such as urgency and frequency can further complicate the treatment of bladder control.

If urinary symptoms affect your daily activities or prevent you from engaging in certain activities, then contact your doctor.  In some cases, simple lifestyle changes and pelvic floor exercises can make a difference.  Other patients may be candidates for surgery such as a Vaginal Sling, which is performed by all our providers.   These are minimally invasive outpatient procedures that typically last less than half an hour and provide a supportive hammock under the urethra, preventing it from opening prematurely when you cough or sneeze etc.

If you or someone you know is having bothersome incontinence, schedule an appointment to discuss options with your doctor.